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Maypop Studios creates luminous and elegant painted finishes for your home or business. From subtle to bold, serene or dramatic, almost any surface can be painted. The sky is the limit! Murals are done with a subtle hand, capturing the light, while enhancing color changes throughout the day. We specialize in matching the color and textures of natural materials, such as marble, stone or wood.


Standard floorcloths are available or can be custom ordered in any size. These are extremely durable and easy to clean, and add beauty to your home- that you can step onto every day!

Meticulous attention to detail and efficiency are trademarks of our process. We take every precaution to keep your furnishings protected. A consultation yields samples boards or color swatches to imagine the final look. 

Susan Mayberry studied Art and Art History at the University of Maryland and currently resides on the eastern shore. She appreciates the diversity of ecology in the area and enjoys learning more every day. This inspiration carries through in her artwork.


Maypop is the common name for the Passion Flower vine, a beautiful and striking native plant that literally pops up in abundance where it thrives. I chose it to represent the passion I feel for the many unique projects and ideas I get to fulfill.

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